How Much Was A Ticket On The Titanic? [All Classes + Pictures]

Ever wondered what was the prices of Titanic tickets back then and how it compares to today’s price?

Even though RMS Titanic sank over a century ago, people are still fascinated to learn more about it.

One of the most asked questions about the Titanic is its ticket prices. How much was a Titanic ticket?

Like modern-day cruises, Titanic, too, had different classes with different pricing. A first-class berth ticket costs as high as 124x more than a lower third-class ticket.

So let’s look at the prices of Titanic tickets, their prices, and actual photos of different classes on the vessel.

How Much Were The Titanic Tickets?

Titanic ticket prices used to range from as low as £7 ($35) to as high as £857 ($4,350). First Class Suite ticket was £870 ($4,350), First Class Berth was £30 ($150), Second Class was £12 ($60), and Third Class was £7 ($35).

Titanic Ticket Picture
Source: Wikimedia commons

At the time of the Titanic’s maiden voyage, a pound would get you five dollars. But things have changed dramatically over time. So, a first-class ticket cost $4,350 while the lower third class costs $35.

Below is a table to better understand the Titanic ticket prices and how much it would be today adjusting to inflation.

Titanic Ticket Prices in Dollars ($)

Below are the how much the tickets cost on the Titanic in Dollars.

ClassPrice in 1912 ($)Price Today ($)
First Class Suite$4,350$133,132
First Class Berth$150$4,591
Second Class$60$1,834
Third Class$35$1,071

Titanic Ticket Prices in Pounds (£)

Below are the how much the tickets cost on the Titanic in Euros.

ClassPrice in 1912 (£)Price Today (£)
First Class Suite£870£105,883
First Class Berth£30£3,651
Second Class£12£1,460
Third Class£7£852

Different Titanic Classes: Explained

To get more clarity and insight about the Titanic tickets, you must first know about all the classes.

The ship had three different classes with different ticket prices. The most expensive is the First-class Suite, while the Third class is the cheapest ticket on the Titanic.

  • First Class: First Class is the most expensive class on the Titanic. There were two different options in the First Class – Suite and Berth. The suite was significantly more costly than the Berth option. Millionaires, actors, and other rich people took the First Class for leisure or vacation. It is said that the most expensive First Class Suite was not occupied on the Titanic’s maiden voyage.
  • Second Class: Second class is the second most expensive class on RMS Titanic. In terms of amenities and perks, there was some considerable difference between the first and second classes. Tourists from around the globe mainly occupied the second class.
  • Third Class: Third class is the least expensive class on the Titanic. The third class was occupied by immigrants leaving Europe for America. The third class is also known as ‘Steerage’.

Number Of Passengers

The maximum passenger capacity of the RMS Titanic was 2,435. But the vessel was not fully booked on its maiden voyage.

Below are the number of passengers in different classes.

There were about 324 first-class passengers. It included both first-class Berth and first class Suite passengers. The individual number of passengers on Berth and Suite is not known.

As for the second class, there were about 284 passengers on board.

The third class had more passengers since it was the least expensive class on the Titanic. There were a total of 709 third class passengers on the Titanic.

How Much Did White Star Line Bag?

Since we know the number of passengers on board in different classes, we can calculate how much money White Star Line, the Titanic cruise company, made on the maiden voyage.

Since we don’t know the number of first class berth and first class suite passengers, let’s assume everyone was on first-class Berth that cost £30. So 324 x £30 = £9,720

Second class: 284 x £12 = £3,408.

Third class: 709 x £7 = £4,963.

Adding everything, the total fare for all passengers was around £18,091 or $90,455 in 1912. It would account for over £2,200,000 or $2,750,000 in today’s money.

How Much Was A First Class Ticket On The Titanic

A first-class ticket on the Titanic costs £30 – £870 or $150 – $4,500. There were two categories under the first class. The first is Suite, and the other one is Berth. The first class Suite was significantly more expensive than First Class Berth. In today’s money, it will be between £3,651 to £105,883 and $4,591 to $133,132 for Suite and Berth respectively.

The considerable price difference between the First Class Suite and First Class Berth will make us doubt if it was even the same class. You will be surprised to know the First Class Suite used to cost 124 times the price of a First Class Berth ticket.

Regarding amenities and special perks, the First Class was the top line on the Titanic. A First Class on the Titanic offered a swimming pool, gym, squash court, and more.

Many of the aforementioned onboard facilities were only exclusively available to first-class passengers.

Below is a picture of the First Class Suite on the Titanic.

Titanic First Class Suite Room Picture
Source: Wikimedia commons

The food on the First Class is yet another highlight. It included expensive food items like a lamp and duckling meat, oysters, canapes, French pastries, and more.

The first class passengers had the option to eat in a La Carte restaurant even though the dinner was served between 7 and 8:15 PM.

Furthermore, the room was similar to that of a premium suite in a high-end hotel.

How Much Was A Second Class Ticket On The Titanic

A second class ticket on the Titanic costs £12 or $60. Adjusting to inflation, the same would cost about £1,460 or $1,834 in today’s money.

A second class ticket is the second most expensive ticket on the RMS Titanic.

Compared to the amenities and experience in the first class, the second class was decent. Even though the room is not big as in the first class, the second class guests got to enjoy a private cabin without attached bathrooms.

The second-class food spread was not that wide compared to the first class. But it included a variety of dishes, including lamb meat, turkey, etc.

You will be surprised that the number of first class passengers on board was higher than the second class passengers. On Titanic’s maiden voyage, there were 324 first class passengers, while there were only 284 second class passengers.

How Much Was A Third Class Ticket On The Titanic

A third-class ticket on the Titanic costs £7 or $35. When converted to today’s money, it would cost around £852 or $1,071.

A third-class ticket on the Titanic is the least expensive one. For the same reason, there were about 709 third-class passengers on board. Most people were traveling to America to find a new life.

The amenities for third-class passengers were not comparable to that of first-class and second class. But the ticket price included the cost of food and accommodation.

As for the food, the third class passengers did not get to enjoy expensive food items like those on the first and second class. The third-class food spread included meat, seafood, bread, fruits, and vegetables.

How Much Were Titanic Tickets In Today’s Money?

Wondering how much the Titanic ticket cost in today’s money? Refer to the table below.

ClassTitanic Ticket Price Today in £Titanic Ticket Price Today in $
First Class Suite£105,883$133,132
First Class Berth£3,651$4,591
Second Class£3,651$1,834
Third Class£1,460$1,071

The Most Expensive Titanic Ticket

Even though the expensive ticket on the Titanic is £870 first-class suite, it was not occupied. It is said that the most expensive ticket sold on the Titanic’s maiden voyage cost £512 or $2,560. In today’s money, it is equal to about £60,000 or $75,000.

An American art patron, Charlotte Drake Cardeza, occupied the $2,560 ticket. She, along with her 36-year-old son and maid and valet, sailed on the Titanic’s maiden voyage.

It is said that Charlotte Drake Cardeza came with 14 trunks of luggage, which she lost during the sinking of the Titanic. But all four of them survived.

If you are curious to learn more about the Titanic, read will the Titanic be ever raised and the water temperature during the Titanic wreck.

Wrapping Up

Now you know how was the Titanic ticket prices back then and how it compares to today’s money. Sure, the Titanic ticket price was a bit ahead of the time in that era. Nevertheless, the amenities and perks one can enjoy on the Titanic were unmatched during that period.

It is to be noted that the most expensive ticket – the first class suite was not occupied on Titanic’s maiden voyage. The most costly ticket believed to be sold cost around £512 or $2,560

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