How To Get Away With Smoking On A Cruise Ship?

How To Get Away With Smoking On A Cruise Ship

Going on a cruise can be an amazing experience, allowing you to relax and enjoy the open seas. However, for smokers, a cruise may seem daunting, as most cruise lines have banned smoking in nearly all public areas and cabins. Still, cruising doesn’t have to mean going completely cold turkey. With some preparation and discretion, … Read more

Carnival Cruise Luggage Limits, Rules & Restrictions in 2024

Carnival Cruise Luggage Guidelines

Going on a Carnival cruise? Make sure you know the luggage limits and restrictions before you start packing. Having the right information will ensure a smooth embarkation process. In this detailed guide, I’ll cover everything you need to know about Carnival cruise luggage, including: I’ll also answer frequently asked questions about bringing snacks, drinks, alcohol, … Read more

Can Felons Go on a Cruise? Yes & No – 2024

Can Felons Go on a Cruise

Going on a cruise is a dream vacation for many people. The thought of sailing to exotic destinations, experiencing new cultures, and relaxing by the pool is enticing. But for felons, the question often arises – can I go on a cruise with a felony conviction? The short answer is yes; in most cases, felons … Read more

Do Cruise Ships Have Morgues? Yes.. (Photos & Videos)

Do Cruise Ships Have Morgues?

Cruise ships are like floating cities, with thousands of passengers enjoying amenities like restaurants, pools, casinos, and entertainment. But just like on land, people sometimes die at sea. This raises an interesting question – do cruise ships have morgues on board? The short answer is yes. Cruise ships are required by maritime law to have … Read more

Are Cruise Ship Pools Heated? [All Cruise Lines] – 2024

Cruise ship pools are a significant attraction for many travelers looking to relax and unwind on their vacation. With cruise lines offering more onboard amenities than ever before, heated pools have become a popular feature that passengers seek out when booking their cruise. But are all cruise ship pools heated? And does it depend on … Read more