How Long Is Summer Break in the USA? (2024)

Planning a road trip or a cruise with your kids can be a bit challenging when you consider the summer break.

You have to get a lot of variables right before you can come up with an actual plan including your kids. Most people plan holidays with kids during the summer break. So knowing the summer break dates is very important.

You cannot plan a trip properly without knowing the summer break dates. The summer break dates change from state to state to make things even tricky.

So, below are the complete details about the summer break in the USA to help you plan your next holiday with your kids.

When is summer break?

Summer break in the US is from late May or early June to late August or early September. The actual date range varies depending on the state and other factors like snow days, loss of attendance days, etc.

Depending on the region and various other factors, the actual date of summer break varies a lot. Mostly, the summer breaks are in the June and July months of the year.

After the summer break, the students return to school and begin the next academic year.

In many states, schools start right after Labor Day. For starters, Labor Day is the first Monday of September. So the schools reopen back again right after the Labor Day weekend.

For example, the new school year starts by mid to late August in Floria and California, while the schools are only open by early September in New York.

Even though one cannot say the specific start and end date of summer break in the United States, you can be assured that June and July mostly fall within the range.

So, if you’re about to plan a new trip, mid-June to late-July is perfectly safe.

How long is summer break?

In the United States, the average summer break is about 8 to 9 weeks. It falls in June and July of the year. The exact duration of the summer break depends on the state and other factors like total snow days, attendance loss days due to other reasons, and more.

Summer Break in the US

Broadly saying, the summer vacation in the US falls in a 12-week range. The exact dates can vary within the range depending on the factors listed below.

As mentioned earlier, the duration of summer break in the United States varies greatly. There are a lot of factors that go into deciding how long summer break is.

Below are a few common reasons that affect the duration of summer vacation in the United States.

  • The total number of snow days
  • Leave days because of natural disasters
  • The total number of lost attendance days due to all reasons
  • The state

Summer break in the United States differs a lot from state to state. The summer break in Florida might not be the same as in New York or California.

To find the current year’s exact summer break date in your state, you may refer to the weather station articles or local newspapers and channels.

It’s best to visit the National Center for Education Statistics website to find more information about the schools in your region.

In short, summer break in the US is 8 to 11 weeks long or approximately 70 days.

Do summer break dates change?

Summer break date and duration is not fixed. Depending on the state, the school district, the snow days, the dense heatwaves in summer, etc., the summer break duration and date varies.

One can only broadly tell the range between which summer break falls. The start and end date are affected by a lot of factors.

To get the best clarity on the dates, it’s best to refer to the local newspaper or the school’s official website when nearing the holiday season.

How many weeks in summer break?

Depending on the state, summer break in the United States lasts between 8 to 12 weeks. The summer vacation in certain states in the US tends to be a bit longer than in others states and vice versa.

Since the break is at least eight weeks, students get enough time to plan and execute road trips, cruises, or other holiday plans.

Furthermore, toward the end of the school year, you can find more clarity on the summer break dates.

How many days in summer break?

The summer break in the United States is mostly 70 days long. But it can get longer or shorter depending on the school/university district and several other factors.

The duration of summer break is typically longer for K-12 schools and shorter for universities and colleges.

Since the summer break usually spans 70 days, students and parents get enough time to plan and go on a cruise trip, road trip, or an international flight.

Summer in certain states in the United States is extremely hot, and the dense heat waves may make it uncomfortable for many to travel over time. So coming up with a proper plan is very important.

Summer breaks by State

As mentioned earlier, summer breaks in different states in the United States differ a lot. Below are how long summer break is in different states.

How long is summer break in California?

Summer break in California starts in late May and ends towards mid-August. A bunch of other factors may affect the start date of summer break in Florida, and if that’s the case, the break length gets shortened as well.

If the summer break starts by the first week of June, it will end by early August.

Furthermore, summer break in California also changes by at least a week, depending on whether you are in northern California or southern California.

How long is summer break in New York?

The summer break in New York usually begins by the end of June and ends towards mid-September. The date in New York is a bit different compared with other states, as summer may bring some dense heatwaves.

If you consider the total snow days and the school from which you are, the dates will change accordingly. But it’s safe to assume students in New York get an average of 8 to 10 weeks of summer break.

How long is summer break in Florida?

Summer break in Florida begins at the end of May and lasts till the end of August. The start and end dates may fluctuate depending on the weather condition.

Mostly, students in Florida get to enjoy 12 weeks of summer break in total.

How To Plan A Summer Vacation Trip?

How To Plan A Summer Vacation Trip?

Planning your summer vacation is essential as it will help avoid disappointments or roadblocks.

If proper planning is done, you will be more confident, and your trip will go smoothly.

There are a couple of things that you should keep in your mind when planning for a summer vacation cruise, road trip, or any other type of holiday.

  • Toward the end of the academic year, take note of the start and end dates of the summer break.
  • Now that you have the exact start and end date, start looking for destinations to visit or activities to do. For example, if you are looking to go on a cruise trip, visit the cruise website and see if a slot is available on a date convenient to you.
  • Make reservations and bookings in advance so that you won’t miss them.
  • Make a checklist not to forget to take anything for your trip.

What’s Next?

Now that you have better clarity on how long is the summer break in the US and the dates, you can confidently plan and book your next trip.

Having an exact idea about the summer break dates is essential as it will help you better plan and execute it without any barriers.

Whether you are planning a cruise trip or road trip, refer to the local newspaper, channel, or school website to find more data on summer break for that particular state.


Which country has the longest summer break?

Italy has the most extended summer break. Summer break in Italy is as long as 13 weeks.

Greece and Portugal follow Italy on being the countries to offer the second longest summer break in the world.

Summer break in Portugal and Greece are usually 12 weeks long.

Which country has the shortest summer break?

Korea has the shortest summer break with four weeks of vacation. The country is a bit strict regarding vacations as they want to avoid any attendance loss days possible.

Students in Korea often complain about the very short summer break that they get to enjoy compared with students in other countries like Portugal or the United States.

Korea also ranks number third when it comes to the brilliant country for math and science.

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