Do Cruise Ships Have Irons In Rooms? (No, But..) 2024

You need an iron to iron your clothes and get rid of wrinkles. But does a cruise ship have an iron box or press in the guest room?

As part of making the list of things to carry for the next cruise trip, many people wonder if they need to pack an iron box in their luggage.

Even if it is a cruise ship, wearing a wrinkle-free outfit gives you confidence and spirit.

In this article, you will find do cruise ships have irons in rooms. If not, what are the other ways to iron your clothes and some of our favorite tips to have wrinkle-free clothes on board without the need for an iron?

Interested? Let’s jump right in.

Do Cruise Ships Provide Irons and Ironing Boards?

Cruise ships do not have irons or ironing boards. The guests are not allowed to bring clothing irons on a cruise ship for safety. Most cruise ships will have a shared laundry service area where you can iron your clothes.

Depending on the cruise line, the offering for ironing clothes on board differs. Major cruise lines like Carnival, Royal Caribbean, etc have a dedicated laundry service where you can get your clothes ironed.

Laundry On Cruise Ship

Now let’s look at different cruise lines’ policy on iron and bringing iron onboard.

Do Carnival Cruise Have Irons In Rooms?

Carnival Cruise does not have irons in rooms. But the cruise line has a laundry area where you can iron your clothing without paying anything extra.

You may find the iron press and board in the self-service laundry area on the Stateroom deck.

Every stateroom on the Carnival cruise has laundry bags. If you want to get your clothes ironed, contact the Stateroom Attendant.

In each launderette, you will find at least 2 or 3 washing machines and dryers, iron, and ironing boards.

Like food items like meat, fish or drinks, irons are prohibited on Carnival Cruise.

Do Royal Caribbean Ships Have Irons In Rooms?

Royal Caribbean cruise ships do not have irons in the staterooms. However, laundry service is available on all cruise ships.

Due to fire hazards and safety concerns, self-service laundry is unavailable on Royal Caribbean cruise ships. But they do offer dry cleaning services which you can avail to iron your clothes.

Do Norwegian Cruises Have Irons?

Norwegian Cruises are among the cruise lines offering irons and ironing boards in the guest room. You can request irons and an ironing board through the housekeeping or guest services desk.

It can be loaned for a few hours only.

Remember that Norwegian Cruises will not already have irons and ironing boards in every room. Instead, you may raise a request, and housekeeping should bring it to your room for a few hours. Once done, you need to return it.

Do Celebrity Cruise Ships have Irons?

Celebrity Cruise Ships do not have irons in the room or offer self-service laundry. Every Celebrity cruise has a free laundry and pressing service that you can avail of.

Celebrity cruises do not allow passengers to carry irons either.

Do Disney Cruise Ships have Irons?

Disney cruise ships have irons in the laundry room. All Disney cruise ships have a 24-hour self-service laundry facility with washers, dryers, and iron and ironing boards. You may bring your clothes to the laundry room and iron them.

Passengers are not allowed to carry irons on Disney cruise ships, and you will not find irons in the stateroom.

Can You Bring a Travel Iron on a Cruise?

No cruise line allows guests to bring iron on the ship due to fire hazards and safety concerns. But almost all leading cruise lines have a laundry facility where you can iron your clothes.

If you carry an iron in the luggage, it will be easily detected during the luggage scan and confiscated.

Even though most cruise lines do not allow passengers to carry irons, there are certain cruise lines like Marella Cruises where passengers can take cloth irons on board after a security scanning.

Before letting the iron in, a security scanning will be performed, and if the iron is determined to pose a hazard, it will be confiscated and returned only at the end of the trip.

It’s always best to go through your cruise line’s official website and see what items are allowed and prohibited on your luggage.

Cruise Ship Laundry Room

Almost all cruise ships will have a self-service laundry rooms on all passenger decks. Cruise lines rarely allow guests to take iron to their stateroom.

The self-service laundry rooms on a cruise ship will have a few washers and dryers, iron, ironing board, iron press, and more.

Below are some of the cruise lines that have a self-service laundry room:

  • Carnival Cruise Line
  • Princess Cruises
  • Viking Cruises

As for the fee, self-service laundry is mostly free, while paid laundry service is also available.

In leading cruises like the Royal Caribbean, paid ironing starts from $1.99.

How To Remove Wrinkles From Your Clothes On A Cruise?

How To Remove Wrinkles From Your Clothes On A Cruise?

Chances are high that your clothes can get wrinkled anytime during your cruise trip. If you want to get rid of wrinkles from your clothes, below are some of the best methods you can try on a cruise.

Avail Cruise Self Service Laundry

All leading cruise lines offer self-service or paid iron and ironing board facilities to guests. Although the iron is unavailable in the guest room, you can find it in the launderette on each deck.

Depending on the cruise line, some are offered for free, while for others, you’ll have to pay a nominal fee for using the ironing facility.

I recommend ironing at least 3 to 4 pairs of clothes in a go as the self-service laundry area is often very busy, especially during the late evening with any events or special happenings.

Request Iron To Your Room

Certain cruise lines like Norwegian Cruises allow guests to request iron and use it in the guest room for a few hours.

Before embarking on the cruise, go through your cruise line’s website and see if they offer iron and ironing board in the stateroom.

Usually, this service is offered for free and can be requested through housekeeping or an attendant.

Avail Cruise Laundry Service

Not all cruise lines will have a self-service laundry. But all of them will have a dry cleaning or pressing service on each deck.

In the stateroom, you will find a laundry bag. Just put the clothes to be ironed in the laundry bag and hand them over to the laundry service or the housekeeping attendant.

After ironing the cloth, you can have them back at a specified time.

Laundry service on a cruise ship costs $1.99 to upwards.

Usually, you will have to give the laundry bag before 9:30 AM and have it back by 5:30 PM the next day. Or you can pay extra to get it at 5:30 PM the same day.

Use A Hairdryer

Since all major cruise line allows you to carry a hair dryer on board, you may use it to remove wrinkles from your cloth. Although it is less effective than iron, it gets the job done.

Follow the steps below to remove wrinkles from your cloth using a hairdryer.

  • Spray some water on the cloth with wrinkles
  • Connect the hairdryer and turn it on.
  • Direct the hairdryer above the wrinkle and dry it on the coolest settings.
  • Repeat the same for all other parts until the cloth is wrinkles-free.

Even if you don’t carry a hair dryer, on certain cruises, it is already made available in the cabin.

Use Wrinkle Remover Liquid

Wrinkle remover liquid or a wrinkle release spray is a handy item to carry on a cruise trip to remove wrinkles from clothes and fabrics of most types.

Wrinkle remover liquid works well with most types of fabric, including cotton, silk, linen, and more.

Using the wrinkle remover liquid is straightforward.

Start by spraying the liquid on the fabric to make it slightly damp. Now rub your hands over the wrinkles to smooth them out. Ensure your hand is clean before smoothening the garment.

All types of wrinkle-release spray should work for you. You may select one depending on the quality, quantity, and scent.

Use Hair Straightener To Iron Clothes

Hair straighteners are generally allowed on a cruise ship, and there are no restrictions on getting them onboard.

A nifty little hack lets you iron your clothes using a hair straightener.

All you need to do is, connect the hair straightener and warm it up.

Now place the parts of the clothes with the wrinkles in between the hair straightener and gently slide to remove the wrinkles. You must repeat it 4 to 5 times to remove wrinkles properly.

If that hair straightener becomes too hot, turn it off for a few seconds and turn it on again. Doing it this way will allow you to keep the temperature in check.

Pro Tip: Before using the hair straightener, spray water on the wrinkles to dampen them slightly. This will ensure the wrinkles are correctly removed, and it helps to avoid potentially burning your clothes during the process.

How to Pack for Wrinkle-Free Clothes

How to Pack for Wrinkle-Free Clothes

If you don’t want to go through all the hassles of getting your clothes ironed on a cruise ship, the best option is to pack them correctly on the luggage, so it prevents the clothes from getting wrinkled.

Below are some tips that help you to pack for wrinkle free clothes.

Iron The Clothes Before Packing

The first thing you should do before packing the clothes is to iron them properly.

The majority of people do not iron their clothes before packing them. Ironing the cloth beforehand makes all the difference.

After ironing comes the next big thing – folding the clothes properly.

Even if you iron your clothes, they will get wrinkled inside the luggage if you don’t fold them properly.

Depending on the type of cloth, you should adequately fold them.

Folding clothes the right way and then packing them has several advantages.

The first one is, of course, it helps to avoid wrinkles.

The second thing is that it helps you to save space while packing clothes inside the luggage.

The clothes may get wrinkled inside the luggage, but they can be easily cleared using a hairdryer, hair straightener or wrinkle release spray.

Use Tissue Paper

Even if you iron the clothes and fold them correctly, they may get wrinkled inside the luggage.

In transit, the clothes inside the luggage may rub on each other, and the chances they may get wrinkled are very high.

The best way to avoid clothes wrinkling inside the luggage is to avoid friction or movement.

All you need to do is place a tissue paper or plastic cover when packing them. This way, you can avoid them wringing after packing.

Pack More Wrinkle-Resistant Fabrics

For extended journeys like a cruise trips, I always prefer to pack wrinkle-resistant fabric-based clothes the most.

Of course, you need all kinds of clothes. But if you are worried too much about them getting wrinkled, then getting wrinkle-resistant fabric clothes helps.

Certain fabric types like olefin, nylon, polyester, acrylic, etc, does not get wrinkled that easily.

If packed correctly, you could wear them directly without ironing.

If you are about to purchase clothes for your upcoming cruise trip, try getting some wrinkle-resistant garments to make your journey much easier.

Cotton and silk clothes get wrinkled very easily. So they should be appropriately packed.

Unpack The Clothes As Soon As You Are Inside The Stateroom

The longer you keep the clothes packed inside the luggage, the higher the chance they will get wrinkled.

So the first thing you should do after getting inside the stateroom is to unpack them properly.

Make sure you hang them properly, so they don’t get wrinkled.

All staterooms will have wardrobes with hangers. Use them to hang them for peace of mind and never worry about the clothes wrinkling again.

What’s Next?

Now that you know all aspects of carrying an iron on a cruise ship and the availability of iron and ironing board on board, you can take better precautions to carry wrinkle-free clothes.

Iron is not generally allowed on any cruise ships. But almost all cruise ships will either have a self-service laundry or paid laundry service where you can iron your clothes.

If you do not want to spend time ironing clothes on a cruise ship, follow the tips above to pack the clothes properly so you can have wrinkle-free garments for your next cruise journey.

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